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Welcome to the Multiversity Year in Review for 2021! To alarm this a awe-inspiring year is a Hulk-sized understatement, but one affair that was a affable abruptness was the arduous cardinal of absorbing and accomplished comics that came out this year. We’ve got over 25 categories to get through, so achieve abiding you’re blockage out all of the accessories by application our 2021 Year in Review tag.

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5 (tie). The Abounding Deaths of Laila Starr

It’s actual applicable that one of our best assured alternation this year is a book that’s all about conclusions. “The Abounding Deaths of Laila Starr” from Ram V, Filipe Andrade, Inês Amaro and AndWorld Design was hyper-focused on the ultimate end – what added would you apprehend from a alternation breadth Afterlife is the capital character? Yet for a alternation so anxious with mortality, the best arresting affair about “Laila Starr” is its brainwork on life.

Laila Starr is the reborn goddess of Death, casting out from paradise afterward the bearing of a absinthian who is blighted to achieve her extraneous by creating immortality. It’s a allegory apropos some big questions about actuality and life. What gives Death’s adventure weight, however, is not the behemothic abstract musings that approach over the experience. The harder Afterlife fights to anticipate what would, in effect, be her own death, the added she becomes intertwined with the activity of the mortal. It’s in their abrupt intersections that the alternation finds its voice, by actively celebratory the appulse one activity can accept on another.

All of this is stunningly visualized by the art team. Andrade’s illustrations are actually alive, and his and Amaro’s colors backpack the comic’s apple with a cyclone of emotions. The beheld palette evokes the surreal, bewitched acquaintance of actuality animate rather than the mundanity of reality.

What elevates this allegory is, fittingly, its ending, which resists alms accessible answers and pat affecting catharsis. In its finale, “The Abounding Deaths of Laila Starr” reflects on its journey, all-embracing the ambiguity of the admirable cessation with artlessness and acceptance. The aggregation ashore the landing of an already abundant alternation by compassionate that the appulse of afterlife comes from how it makes us reflect on aggregate that comes before. – Reid Carter

5 (tie). Superman and the Authority

The book “Grant Morrison is abiding to Superman” is abundant to get abounding admirers actual excited. Morrison is amenable for some of the best admired Superman belief of all time. After an adverse aperture beforehand in the year, the book was appear in April and promised to set up a new cachet quo for Superman. “Superman and the Authority” started activity as allotment of the annulled 5G initiative. The book was after acclimatized to fit into the accepted Superman books. Rather than an earlier Superman accumulating a aggregation to achieve a aberration on Earth it’s Superman as a dad accumulating a aggregation to deliver Warworld.

Throughout the book we get Superman at his best. A moment that stands out for me is aback he converts Manchester Black to his account not with a fight, but by assertive the best in people. We additionally get Morrison at their best, with the agrarian acuteness they are acclaimed for. Don’t absence the accurate body-shaming trolls or the Edgelords in affair two.

Midnighter (and my Twitter feed) describes this Superman as a “sexy-dad” and I anticipate that’s a abundant description of what artisan Mikel Janín and colorist Jordie Bellaire accomplish. As Superman recruits associates to his aggregation we get accomplished contributions from a few added artists. Fico Ossio with colorist Sebastian Cheng helps recruit Natasha Irons. Evan Cagle and Dave Stewart booty on Apollo and Midnighter. Enchantress is recruited and adored with art from Travel Foreman and Alex Sinclair. While Clark’s aggregation is active angry a account of foes accumulated by Ultra Humanite and Brainiac, we are advised to a new OMAC, a new Lightray (The Flash from the Tangent Comics creation Lia Nelson), the Supermobile, JFK, and way more. The four issues are abounding to the border with big account and bigger art. Aloof the way banana books should be. – Matthew Vincenty

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4 (tie). Beta Ray Bill

Writer and Illustrator Daniel Warren Johnson brings “Beta Ray Bill” to a abutting with an ballsy smackdown and an affecting blow that is a authentication of his work. He did it in all of his claimed work, he did it on Wonder Woman, and now “Beta Ray Bill” as a mini-series angry out to be a more-than-worthy accession to the bequest of the titular hero.

Physically he is activated to his banned and Johnson uses a action with Sutur to affectation not aloof his adulation for angry but his adulation for the actualization Beta Ray Bill. He accomplishes a deepening of the actualization on several fronts. But while Bill enjoys a level-up from this series, it is the affect that Johnson brings to the actualization that has never been apparent afore actually like this.

Johnson treats Bill’s attitude with nuance.. the accomplished alternation is about a Faustian adventure to be beautiful. His all-overs over his concrete actualization was so able that it collection him on a adventure to go aback to “normal” so he wouldn’t feel like a monster. He boarded aloft a adventure that abject him and his accompany all the way to hell (literally). He’s a affectionate but additionally egocentric hero and this pays off at the end of the aftermost book with a apricot moment breadth Bill is aback to his aboriginal form, now “fixed.” Yet all he sees is the aberrant anatomy of himself attractive aback at him from the mirror. This is to admonish us that what is important is not on the outside, but how you feel on the inside.

Friendship is accession affair that Johnson excels at, and it was admirable to see him administer this to advice a fan-favorite Marvel actualization shine. Along the way the accompany who helped achieve his adventure bigger solidifies what is a amount aspect to the Beta Ray Bill archetype. He is a hero that never feels aces enough; but because he’s a actually acceptable person, he consistently has bodies abutment him, and through that we are able to apprentice the accent of friendship. Thor is a actualization that works able-bodied solo, but Beta Ray Bill is at his best aback he’s with his friends. – Henry Finn

4 (tie). Far Sector

DC’s Young Animal imprint, a Vertigo-adjacent “pop-up” banderole developed in ample allotment by artisan Gerard Way, assured on a aerial note. While the imprint’s archetypal appearance was characterized by accepting indie creators acclimate or reimagine characters from the lower rungs of the DC Pantheon, the aftermost book appear beneath the Young Animal banderole was a Green Lantern book, and conflicting us to new ring-wearer Sojourner “Jo” Mullein. This Green Lantern book additionally eschewed the indie creator-helmed arrangement and conflicting acknowledged sci-fi/fantasy biographer N.K. Jemisin to the apple of comics, with ascent brilliant artisan Jamal Cambell (of “Naomi” fame) and aerial contour letterer Deron Bennett rounding out the accumulation of creators.

What they created was, aboriginal and foremost, one of the arch and best characterized settings in contempo memory. Not to abate Lantern Mullein’s contributions to the Lantern ballad in her abbreviate tenure, but The City Enduring, a “Dyson Swarm” at the bend of accepted amplitude that marks the home for three aberrant and altered conflicting races, was a astonishing and aesthetic abode to appointment in the all-too-short twelve affair series. The planets-sized bogus assemble housed billions of citizens, both absolute and virtual, in a circuitous web of apropos that assume actual absolute and accordant to those of us actuality on Earth, save for one actual ample admonition – there are no murders. That is, until Jo shows up.

A noir at heart, Jo Mullein combines all of the characteristics of a bitter, acrimonious clandestine eye, with the qualities that lie at the affection of every Lantern – abiding discipline in the face of cutting odds. Galaxies abroad from anyone who adeptness accept accepted her afore she was a Lantern, actually alone, Jemisin and aggregation cautiously braid a account breadth the villains aren’t so abundant individuals, but the civic structures that abode assertive individuals (or groups) in allegation of others. The book is a actual abreast attending at a actual old problem, namely – By what appropriate do others accept to actuate our destiny?

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Earning three Eisner nominations this year (for Best Limited Series, Best Cover Art, and Best Lettering), the alternation actually was a aggregation accomplishment from the three primary creators. Campbell’s art is beauteous throughout – his adeptness to appearance the way ablaze aeroembolism and reflects actuality a cogent highlight in this bright and agenda burghal landscape. Bennett already has a close resume at his back, but was actually not sleeping through this appointment – his book analogous the sometimes antic and quippy accent of Jemisin’s words with Cambell’s adventurous colors.

We’re already seeing Jo Mullein pop up in the DCU Proper, but after the bright language, and after the @AT, Nah, and keh-Topli bodies surrounding her. Admitting it exists in a breadth far from Earth, the City Endures, and I achievement we get to revisit her someday. – Johnny Hall

3. Barbalien: Red Planet

When we were aboriginal conflicting to Mark Markz in the aboriginal “Black Hammer” series, he wasn’t accustomed a ton to do on his own, but there were some alluring capacity brindled throughout ambience up added analysis and discussion. With any ensemble story, Jeff Lemire had to accord adequately according time to all of the heroes. He has a able accord with Golden Gail, we apperceive he is a gay man, and is, like the added heroes, grappling with their accepted circumstances. Like best things in this universe, he is a bright admiration of article abroad from banana book history, in this case a booty on DC’s Martian Manhunter.

Barbalien’s own miniseries sets up a lot added involving what we already knew about him, and continues to aggrandize his character, his accomplished experiences, and above amusing capacity and scenarios which came calm to be one of the year’s best assured series. An abundantly close and layered story, writers Jeff Lemire and Tate Brombal accord us an accelerated attending at Barbalien’s banishment from Mars for actuality both a traitor for not allowance access Earth and actuality a homosexual who was accepting a accord with a animal man. The timeline moves aback and alternating amid his imprisonment and exile, and his time on Earth. The complication of this alternation should not be chaste or underappreciated. On Earth, Mark is presenting himself as a Caucasian man, assassin as a badge officer, and because he has accustomed on 1980s Earth, he is ambuscade his animal acclimatization as well. So rarely has there been a distinct actualization who has had to affectation himself from so abounding altered facets of his life.

As a cop he looks one way: average age-old and actually bald, aural the gay association – at clubs, and with his -to-be admirer he presents himself as mid-20s and blonde. Alone aural his home, alone, or occasionally angry abomination as the “Barbalien” is he his accurate Martian self. There isn’t one aspect of his activity that isn’t impossibly complicated and abuse abreast absurd to maintain. As a closeted gay man, he sees cops attacking, arresting, and about killing abounding aural the LGBTQ community. He sees his partner, and added cops – his brothers on the force – advance bodies of blush artlessly due to the adumbration of their skin. It’s an emotionally circuitous and agonizing alternation as a whole.

He has to adumbrate his accurate face and activity from those he wishes to absorb his best affectionate moments with, and he has to adumbrate that accurate cocky from those who watch his aback at appointment for abhorrence that they would annihilate him if they knew the accuracy – and that isn’t akin including the actuality that he is a Martian. He is a acutely awry character, who makes a lot of mistakes. He tries to do the appropriate affair best of the time, but can additionally be badly selfish. The decisions he makes throughout are actually barefaced aural the ambience of what he charge see and accord with on a circadian basis.

The aftermost few years we accept apparent so abundant amusing and political about-face and to accept this alternation that focuses on analytical racism, badge officers, homosexuality, riots, abhorrence crimes and added – all things that were accordant aural the 1980s ambience of this story, and today, about 40 years later, fabricated every about-face of the folio a able and sometimes aching one. Akin aback alive with ample acclamation to achieve its point the alternation still actually works. It is the layered appearance of both the actualization and the affairs of the artifice that accumulate it from activity like it is slapping you in the face with its message.

If you are alien with the greater “Black Hammer” universe, this is a abundant jumping on point to see how able-bodied it balances its homages of banana book tropes and aloof how bookish and able these comics can be. It is a attestation to these creators that they could achieve this book with so abounding account and capacity active through every console and it never feels advised bottomward or over-stuffed. It is an absurd archetype on how to evidently and cautiously altercate austere affairs aural a absurd story. Mark Markz has become one of my admired characters in all of comics, and it is because of this miniseries. “Barbalien: Red Planet” could hardly accept appear at a bigger time. It is an awfully accounting and fatigued miniseries that needs to be apprehend by as abounding bodies as possible. – Christopher Egan


2. DIE

Tabletop amateur and comics are two things that should actually go together. But while abounding comics acclimate absolute tabletop amateur (mostly auspiciously at that), “DIE” combines the two actual differently: by accoutrement the capital characters in a fantasy RPG of its own making, and rather than actuality a whimsical, bewitched romp, it’s a heart-wrenching attack of identity, loss, and an attack to acknowledgment home. Not alone that, but it’s not their aboriginal time there, and the aftermost time they didn’t all return.

And it is actually glorious.

Throughout 20 capacity (one for anniversary ancillary of a d20), Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans took us through a all-inclusive world, breadth altered fantasy capacity and writers intersect, combine, and battle. But the references aren’t aloof there for fun – we and the characters akin apperceive the crisis of a “Mines of Moria” scene, and artlessly alive that they’re entering an breadth referencing Lovecraft is a alarming concept. Alfresco of the homages, it’s still a well-developed acreage abounding with altered and absorbing characters, baleful threats, and its own twists on the genre.

Beyond all that, though, it was a character-driven series, demography us through these struggles, dilemmas, and advance with the cast. They’re not a accumulation of adolescence or kids in a mystical acreage that serves as a allegory for adolescence – they’re adults with their own struggles and worries that access every decision. It’s a adventure of identity, queerness, maturity, death, and so, so abundant more. And it will grab a authority of you until the actual aftermost folio (which it did).

Stephanie Hans’ illustrations brought the apple and characters to activity in a alloy of reds and dejection and abundant artwork that’s actually mesmerizing. Anniversary folio is a painting that could be afraid aloft someone’s wall, abounding with raw acuteness and able concealment that set every scene.

As “DIE” concluded, it captivated up every point aloof the way it bare to. The actualization arcs were completed, we see the appulse of their actions, questions were answered, and abounding a breach was shed. Kieron’s categorical pacing brought the adventure to every exhausted it bare to hit on its way to the end, bringing it to an impactful conclusion. There’s no agnosticism that “DIE” was one of the best comics appear and assured during this accomplished year, and the way it sticks the catastrophe is affidavit abundant of that. – Robbie Pleasant

1. Immortal Hulk

Well, by the actual attributes of acceptable this award, this is the aftermost time we’re activity to see “Immortal Hulk” gracing our best of the year lists. But it had its abode abreast the top for the absolute run of the book, which brought old ancient abhorrence aback to the Hulk comics. We admired this series, which makes its one aftermost acclamation unsurprising. But it’s adamantine to end a continued advancing series, and “Immortal Hulk” ashamed it. Smashed it even.

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Hulk belief was consistently some of the weirdest being to explain to a new comics fan. Amid the aberrant worlds, and awe-inspiring villains, and assorted personalities, and abundant origins, Hulk being is dense. Ewing not alone brought some of the strangest and best agitative pieces of Hulk chain aback into the conversation, he abundantly deepened the belief of the Marvel creation and the Hulk’s abode in it. The abstraction of the One Beneath All is a ambiguous awful blackmail that could pay off in abrupt means in approaching Hulk comics or actually any added Marvel series.

But “Immortal Hulk’s” catastrophe wasn’t aloof abundant for how it contributed to the Marvel universe. It additionally came aback about to boldness the capacity that had been alive through the continued series’ run. The religious imagery, and Lovecraftian curses, and awe-inspiring abhorrence science all came calm in one final adventure about Bruce Banderole and Samuel Sterns. It’s consistently been adamantine to point to a absolute run of “Hulk” comics. Now there is alone one accessible choice. It’s absurd we’re activity to get a Hulk banana with as abundant appulse as “Immortal Hulk” had for actually some time. It’s activity to abide a Marvel classic. And it should! – Jake Hill

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