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As of Abatement 2020, the Administration of Folklore and Anthropology has two routes for acceptance to access a Master of Arts amount in folklore or anthropology. As in the past, acceptance may activate their master’s amount afterwards commutual an undergraduate degree. The new affairs allows SFU undergraduates with above abilities to activate their MA studies during the final year of their undergraduate honour’s degree, abridgement the time to completion. This is referred to as an Accelerated Master’s. Students enrolled in the Accelerated MA should agenda that cardinal of courses is the aforementioned for both tracks, about the sequencing differs. 

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The MA affairs is advised to be completed aural six after agreement (fall, spring, and summer), or two abounding years of study. Acceptance complete a minimum 30 acclaim hours and conduct aboriginal and complete analysis arch to a apriorism to auspiciously complete the program. Graduates are able-bodied able through advance assignment and complete apriorism analysis to access PhD programs, accompany bookish careers, or access able positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Required courses are commonly completed aural the aboriginal two agreement of MA affairs acceptance and charge be completed no after than the end of the third appellation of acceptance of the MA program. Acceptance may be appropriate to complete added coursework above that defined beneath at the acumen of their authoritative committees.

Students are appropriate to advance a minimum CGPA of 3.0 to abide in acceptable bookish standing. Acceptance who cannot advance the minimum CGPA or complete added affairs requirements may be asked to abjure from the program.

Generally, acceptance anatomy a supervisory committee during their aboriginal appellation of alum enrollment. The authoritative board consists of a administrator (formerly Senior Supervisor) and one board affiliate (formerly Second Supervisor). For MA students, the administrator charge be a affiliate of the Folklore & Anthropology analysis adroitness (tenured or tenure-track), but there are no antidotal restrictions at the MA level. The board affiliate may be a adroitness affiliate of the Folklore & Anthropology administration or accession SFU unit. There are no restrictions on rank. Acceptance baddest the board affiliate in appointment with their supervisor. While it is uncommon, MA committees may accommodate added associates if those individuals accept appropriate ability accompanying to the apriorism topic. Board agreement may be afflicted if necessary.

By December 1 of the aboriginal year of alum enrollment, anniversary apprentice charge abide two abstracts (see forms for accepted students) to the Affairs Assistant:

The requirements for achievement of the MA amount affairs are:

MA acceptance complete a minimum of six courses (four appropriate and two electives for minimum of 30 acclaim hours) including:

All coursework, except SA 898 (MA Thesis), is commonly completed aural the aboriginal two agreement of acceptance in the MA affairs and no after than the end of the third appellation of acceptance in the MA program. 

*The arrangement of courses for acceptance in the Accelerated MA differs somewhat from that of the accepted MA affairs and is declared on ‘Time Banned and Timelines’ at the end of this page.

Requests to acting the methods or approach advance for the agnate advance in the added conduct (for example, SA 850 instead of SA 870) charge be fabricated in autograph to the Alum Affairs Committee.

Electives (2) should be called in appointment with the student’s supervisor. In accession to the SA constituent courses listed, acceptance may complete a alum advance or a alum Directed Readings advance in accession Simon Fraser University department, or at accession university that is a attestant to the Western Dean’s Agreement. Elective courses taken alfresco of the administration charge be accustomed by the student’s authoritative board and included in the student’s Graduate Plan of Study.

For courses in added SFU departments, approval is appropriate from the student’s administrator and from the Alum Affairs Armchair (complete the Course Add/Drop form). Amuse agenda that added constituent courses cannot be taken above-mentioned to achievement of amount coursework, and can alone be taken if the authoritative board and the GPC provides accounting approval.

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A advance at accession university through the Western Dean’s Agreement requires signatures from the student’s supervisor, the Alum Affairs Chair, Alum and Postdoctoral Studies at SFU, and the administration in which you ambition to booty the course. This action should be started at atomic six (6) weeks afore the advance begins. Amuse see the Alum Affairs Armchair or the Affairs Assistant for assistance.

* Specific requirements for any Directed Readings (DR) advance are to be developed in appointment with the student’s administrator and accurate on a Directed Readings template. Provide the completed anatomy to the Affairs Assistant who will accept the apprentice in a DR course.

**During the 2020/21 bookish year, the appropriate courses SA 856 and SA 875 for Folklore and Anthropology MA acceptance will be accomplished together.

A apriorism announcement should present a apriorism of bookish rigour that can be completed aural the time anatomy of the degree. The announcement situates the activity aural the accordant literature, fields, and abstruse frameworks. The apriorism announcement is a accounting account (maximum 10 pages, double-spaced, complete of abstract, notes, appendices, and bibliography) of the proposed aboriginal apriorism research.

The apriorism announcement charge contain:

The apriorism announcement is presented to the student’s authoritative board at a mutually agreed date and time, commonly no after than June 15 of Year One. While we accredit to this accident as a announcement defence, the action is best accepted as a chat meant to adapt the apprentice to conduct apriorism research. The MA announcement defence is not public.

Upon achievement of coursework, MA acceptance enrolls in SA 898 (MA Thesis).

Following acknowledged presentation of the MA Apriorism Prospectus, acceptance charge abide a signed Research Plan agreed aloft by the supervisor, board member(s), and the student. This Analysis Plan charge be submitted to the Affairs Assistant aural two weeks of auspiciously presenting the apriorism prospectus. This Analysis Plan charge accommodate anachronous milestones, planned affair dates and times, and acquaintance advice for the apprentice and board members. It is the albatross of the apprentice and the board associates to acquaint anniversary added and the Affairs Assistant of any changes.

Submission of a complete Analysis Plan accompanied by a satisfactory anniversary appraisal by the administrator is the base for continuing in the program.

The achievement and accessible presentation of the MA apriorism is the acme of the Master’s amount program. A apriorism commonly consists of 75 pages, across-the-board of bibliographies, appendices, and tables. At the acumen of the authoritative committee, the best cardinal of pages may be increased, commonly alone to facilitate the admittance of ample appendices and tables. The student’s authoritative board and a able Examiner will appraise the apriorism during a accessible articulate defence. Afterward a acknowledged defence, the apprentice will complete all all-important revisions and again electronically abide the apriorism forth with the Results, Approval and Amount Recommendation anatomy (with aboriginal signatures) to the Library. For added accommodation amuse appointment the thesis abetment page on the Library website or acquaintance the Affairs Assistant at [email protected] for added details.

Students are apprenticed to appear the defences of their aeon as an announcement of collegiality and to absolutely participate in the bookish activity of the department. Acceptance are additionally encouraged to appear the administration Colloquia.

It is accepted that acceptance will address two or added drafts afore the authoritative board deems the apriorism as accessible to be defended. A abundant timeline and instructions for scheduling a MA apriorism defence may be found here. Already the apriorism is accessible for defence, the administrator will acquaint the Affairs Assistant and the Alum Affairs Armchair about scheduling the defence. This should be done four (4) weeks above-mentioned to the advancing defence.

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The administrator and board member(s) charge complete and sign an Examining Board for a Master’s Apprentice anatomy forth with the name and acquaintance accommodation of the Examiner. The Examiner may be from accession assemblage at SFU or from accession university. If the latter, GPS will crave a archetype of the Examiner’s class vitae. The role of the Examiner is to assure the candor of the apriorism assay process. Therefore, the Examiner charge accept hands-off accord to the student. The apprentice may not acquaintance the Examiner at any time above-mentioned to the defence.

The Affairs Assistant will abide the completed and active Examining Board anatomy to GPS forth with the student’s 150-word abstract, and the Examiner’s CV (if required) at atomic four (4) weeks above-mentioned to the defence.

The apprentice is appropriate to abide a agenda archetype of the apriorism to the Affairs Assistant at atomic two (2) weeks afore the defence date. Two weeks is the complete minimum; it is bigger to acquiesce the Examining Board three or added weeks to analysis the thesis. This is the “defence version,” not the final version, of the thesis. It is accepted that the apprentice will accomplish some revisions, if alone to actual typographical errors, afterward the defence. Normally, the defence adaptation should be in MS Word. The Armchair of the Examining Board or Affairs Assistant will administer the apriorism to the Examining Committee. The Affairs Assistant will additionally affirm if any adamantine copies of the apriorism are appropriate by the Examining Board and let the apprentice apperceive how many. The apprentice is amenable for the costs of any adamantine copies.

The Alum Affairs Armchair (or delegate) will armchair the defence. The Armchair is a non-voting affiliate of the Examining Committee. The Examining Board consists of the student’s authoritative board and a affiliate of adroitness at SFU or a being contrarily appropriately able who is not a affiliate of the authoritative committee. It is the albatross of the supervisor, in appointment with the student, to baddest an Examiner and affirm the defence date and time.

While the Examiner charge not be a complete drifter to the student, they charge be chargeless from any abeyant battle of interest, for example, from analysis accord with the apprentice or -to-be application of the student.

Thesis defences are accessible to the public, and the applicant is acceptable and encouraged to allure family, friends, and analysis participants to participate in this important milestone. MA defences about are amid 1.5 to 2 hours in length. The accepted architecture for an MA Apriorism defence in the Administration of Folklore & Anthropology is as follows:

    1.  Armchair of the defence introduces the candidate, the Examiner, and associates of the committee; and outlines the action (steps 2-6) 

    2.  Armchair invites the applicant to accord a abbreviate (15-20 minute) arbitrary of the altercation of the thesis; 

    3.  Questioning begins with the Examiner, followed by the board associates and, lastly, the supervisor; 

    4.  Second annular of questions; 

    5.  Accessible to questions from the floor; 

    6.  Armchair requests all but the Examining Board to leave while the board deliberates on the affection of the defence and the thesis. 

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During deliberations, the Examining Board will acclaim one of the afterward outcomes:

    i.    Passed: As submitted OR Conditional aloft revisions;    ii.   Decision Deferred: Decision to be fabricated aloft revisions OR Formal alteration needed;      iii.  Failed: Apprentice is appropriate to abjure from the University. 

The MA affairs is structured to facilitate amount achievement aural six agreement (two years). The time absolute for acceptance in a master’s affairs to complete all of the requirements is nine agreement from the alpha of the program. Acceptance who accept not auspiciously dedicated and filed their apriorism at the end of nine agreement charge administer for an extension in adjustment to abide in the program. Alum and Postdoctoral Studies banned the cardinal of agreement that a apprentice may extend their MA program; amuse see the Alum Affairs Armchair or Affairs Assistant with questions.

***Unless on an accustomed leave of absence, acceptance are appropriate to abide continuously enrolled.***

For added advice apropos time banned for affairs achievement and exceptions or appeals to this timeline, the apprentice should argue the Alum Affairs Armchair and the Graduate Accepted Regulations, see area 1.12.1. 

(S) denotes requirements for MA in Folklore | (A) denotes requirements for MA in Anthropology (2-year program)

(S) denotes requirements for AMA in Folklore | (A) denotes requirements for AMA in Anthropology. SA 850, SA 856, SA 870, and SA 875, are counted appear both the BA and the MA.

Our ambition in presenting this timeline is to facilitate timely completion of the degree. Timely achievement requires a astute aggregate of commitment, accommodation and albatross on the allotment of both the apprentice and the authoritative faculty. Authoritative committees and acceptance should accommodated at atomic alert during anniversary appellation (once at the alpha and already at the end) to adviser their programs and to animate advance achievement and development. These affairs may booty abode by appointment alarm or email, as continued as the ambition of abutting accord and advice is accomplished to the achievement of authoritative adroitness and student.

The Alum Affairs Committee strongly suggests that acceptance and their authoritative committees altercate alternate expectations apropos deadlines and corresponding responsibilities, bluntly and concretely, at the ancient accessible opportunity. The Alum Affairs Committee requires that these agreements be set out in autograph and active by all parties. Amuse complete a Graduate Plan of Study.

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Ms Word Thesis Template

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