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In this activity, breach into two about 40-minute sessions, adolescence will:

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Note: This action is allotment of the Jewel of the Solar Arrangement action guide, which includes:

News article(s) from the science breadth of a above bi-weekly or annual with both illustrations and text

Chart cardboard (7 pieces)

Whiteboard and markers OR chalkboard and chalk

Construction cardboard (1 per student) – 12 x 18 inches

White cardboard (6 per student) – 8.5 x 11 inches

Crayons OR markers

Colored pencils


Saturn and Cassini-Huygens images – Download PDF

(Optional) “Introducing Saturn: Questions, Answers, and Cool Things to Anticipate About” mini-book – Download PDF

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and is generally called, “The Jewel of the Solar System” because of its admirable rings. It is the additional better planet in our solar system. Saturn is alleged for the Roman god of agriculture.

FREE 21+ Sample Event Inquiry Forms in MS Word  PDF Throughout Enquiry Form Template Word

The aircraft Cassini-Huygens (pronunciation: cuh SEEN ee / HOY gens) was launched from Earth in 1997 and accustomed at Saturn in July 2004. It is exploring the mysteries of Saturn, its rings and abounding moons; it has been zooming accomplished Saturn and its moons consistently aback 2004. The Huygens Delving landed on Saturn’s better moon, Titan, in January 2005. The Cassini aircraft will abide to apogee Saturn and accelerate aback abstracts until September 15, 2017, aback it will dive into Saturn’s atmosphere, sending science abstracts for as continued as its baby thrusters can accumulate the spacecraft’s antenna acicular at Earth. Soon after, Cassini will bake up and atomize like a meteor. Analyze added advice about Saturn and the Cassini mission on NASA’s Cassini mission website.

This computer-animated blur highlights Cassini’s accomplishments at Saturn and appearance the science-packed final orbits amid April and September 2017. › Download the video

Science is a way of cerebration and accomplishing things, alleged inquiry. Identifying questions forms the base for analysis throughout this affairs unit.

Imagine space, arresting space. Now brainstorm our solar arrangement with a afire Sun in the center. Spinning about it are admirable planets. One of these planets is Earth. Addition is Saturn, and a aircraft is aerial through amplitude to acquisition out added about this abstruse planet.

Now it’s time to accomplish your aboriginal log entry. Abounding scientists log their thoughts and questions every day. It’s allotment of recording their adventure to discovery. Sometimes they draw pictures and illustrations and characterization key things about them.

You can attending at these sample account accessories to see how items can be authentic and labeled to accomplish them ablaze to others. (Show the acceptance the sample(s) you’ve collected.)

For so abounding centuries, bodies accept looked up into the sky but accept not absolutely accepted what Saturn looked like. Scientists wondered a lot of things about the planet. Again they were able to attending through telescopes and see the planets added clearly. Now that NASA has beatific a automatic aircraft all the way to Saturn, we accept angle that aboriginal scientists never anticipation possible.

What do you account of aback you apprehend the chat “Saturn”? Booty 15 minutes, and draw a account that reflects the chat “Saturn” to you! Be abiding to characterization the genitalia you anticipate charge explanation.

Students address their observations about anniversary of the Cassini images. Angel credit: NASA-JPL/Caltech

Now we’ll activate acquirements about the planet Saturn and the Cassini-Huygens mission by attractive at some images and authoritative authentic observations about them. Note there are seven altered images about the room. Your aggregation will alpha by belief one of the images, discussing it, and autograph bottomward alone those things you apprehension from attractive at the image. Alone accommodate observations and claims that you can abutment with affirmation you see in the image. (Some examples include: “I apprehension the planet has rings.” “I apprehension a aphotic amplitude in the rings.” “I apprehension there arise to be bands of altered colors on the planet.”)

Write your team’s observations in the “What I Notice” cavalcade of the blueprint cardboard abutting to the image.

Scientists assignment as teams in all stages of a amplitude mission, so as you altercate the image, accomplish abiding that anybody on your aggregation contributes observations and questions.

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Next, anticipate about what questions you accept about what’s pictured in the image. Address those bottomward in the “What I Wonder” column. (Following from the antecedent examples, you could admiration why there are altered colors on the planet, and what the acclimate is like on Saturn. For example: “I admiration what would account the aphotic amplitude in the rings.” “I admiration who or what took this account of Saturn.” “I admiration if it is a absolute picture.”)

Leave the “What I Know” cavalcade bare for now.

I’ll accord you a arresting aback it’s time for your aggregation to move to the abutting angel and add to what the antecedent aggregation wrote.

I admiration how blubbery Saturn’s rings are.

I admiration what will appear to the aircraft as it passes through the rings.

I admiration what causes storms in Saturn’s atmosphere.

I admiration if we will get some acceptable pictures assuming the particles in the rings.

I admiration what the mission delving will acquisition out about the moon Titan.

I admiration if there is an ocean on Titan.

I admiration how fast the apprehension are on Titan.

I admiration what the rings are fabricated of.

Saturn has a moon alleged Iapetus. One ancillary is actual bright, about as ablaze as beginning snow, and the added ancillary is as aphotic as soot. I admiration how it got that way?

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Let’s altercate a few things we apperceive about what’s in these images, and how we apperceive it. For us to be able to affirmation we “know” something, we charge to accept authentic affirmation from a reliable source. Authentic claims can’t be based on buzz or opinions. We charge to anticipate about how the affirmation has been activated and proven.

We ability claim, for example, that the apparent of Saturn’s moon Titan is cold. We ability anticipate this because Saturn and Titan are so far abroad from the Sun. But we charge accept absolute affirmation for this afore we can say it is true. If we are researching what others accept already learned, we can attending for reliable sources for that information, such as a teacher, textbook, science building or website that has been advised by scientists. If we are attractive to ascertain it ourselves, we would charge to architecture and conduct an agreement to admeasurement the temperature (and conceivably accelerate our own delving there to acquisition out).

With that in mind, what are some things we can anxiously say we apperceive about Saturn and Cassini? How do we apperceive they are accurate? (Examples: “I apperceive that Saturn has abounding moons. Cassini has taken images of them and scientists accept appear them on a NASA website.” “I apperceive that Titan has an atmosphere, because engineers acclimated a parachute to acreage the Huygens Delving (a parachute needs an atmosphere to open).”) Aback acceptance advance a claim, ask them to name the reliable antecedent and/or affirmation that supports it. This can be an befalling to reinforce internet literacy.

We’ll abide to apprentice about Saturn and almanac what we apperceive throughout this program.

After anniversary session, ask yourself the afterward questions:

The Cassini aircraft passes by Saturn and Titan regularly. The Cassini cachet admission clock forecasts aback the aircraft will canyon by abutting and accelerate aback pictures of these added worlds.

Consider allurement the baton in addition allowance to do the aforementioned exercise (perhaps aloof the animation allocation of the action if it is a allowance of adolescent children). The accouchement can accommodated to allotment and allocution about what they drew and why.

You may appetite to accept the arcade of images from the Cassini mission bookmarked on the computer for the acceptance to analyze — or book them and column them about the room.

Postcards and belletrist are a fun addition for publishing students’ anecdotic autograph about Saturn. Apprentice pieces can be aggregate into a accumulation book, acclimated for alone mini-books, or as argument for “Postcards from Saturn” to be aggregate with kids in addition classroom, pen pals, or family/friends.


Making the Postcards

Making the Envelopes

FREE 21+ Event Inquiry Forms in PDF For Enquiry Form Template Word

NASA has opportunities for alluring careers. See the accepted job postings at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Allotment one of the listings with your acceptance (you will accept to abridge the advertisement for best teams) and ask them to alarm how to authorize for these positions. How does addition become the Chief Apogee Determination Engineer? The Origins of Stars and Planets Accumulation Analysis Scientist? Ask acceptance what added kinds of jobs they anticipate ability be at NASA. Blueprint their responses and column them in the room.

The A4 dimension template presents as much as three pages of resume for those of you who want extra pages. There’s also a canopy letter template that can be used as a thanks template. With our Word templates you will not expertise any problems while inserting the required textual content as they have a user-friendly design. You can rapidly and easily paste the textual content you need and customise layout files without spending a lot time and efforts. Pages is available for Mac OS X and iOS and is a competitor to Microsoft Word. Depending on load, it could take round 5-10 minutes to convert and ship an average PDF file, however it might take more time for recordsdata with plenty of pages or complicated formatting.

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Adding a bookmark to a doc successfully “ear-marks” the location or text chosen and allows you to name this label or selection. Before making a bookmark, it is sensible to make bookmarks seen in Word’s preferences. This could be accomplished by clicking Office Button»Word Options then clicking the Advanced option. Under the Show doc content material section, ensure to check Show bookmarks as seen under. LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit provides you the flexibility to create a Microsoft Word Document primarily based on a Microsoft Word Document Template.

If you might be using an earlier version of Word, you can use the existing Mendeley Citation Plugin for Word obtainable with Mendeley Desktop. Help us make certain Mendeley Cite does what you want by giving your suggestions using the link from the tab on the bottom-right of the add-in. Mendeley Cite is our brand-new citation software which we’re repeatedly developing, with new options and performance being added regularly . Microsoft has a tutorial on using types in Word for Mac 2011. To apply a paragraph fashion to multiple paragraph, highlight the textual content you need to format. First choose the textual content you wish to apply the style to.

FREE 21+ Sample Event Inquiry Forms in MS Word  PDF In Enquiry Form Template Word

You also need to specify the default location for personal templates, so you’ll have entry to your personal templates on the “New” screen when creating a new document. To do this, click on the “File” tab and select “Options.” This time, on the “Options” dialog field, click on “Save” in the listing on the left. When using the Word file customize logos, graphics and other format choices in both the header/footer or within the grasp pages found in the publishing view. Edit content material corresponding to text or photos in text boxes all through the document. Elements styled in the header/footer could seem as black on the display screen.

Click on a date format within the selection space to select it, then click on OK. The “Show as” dropdown field allows you to change the fundamental appearance of the management’s bounding field or tags. To change the default placeholder text on the control (“Click here to enter textual content” in the above example) click “Design Mode”. In the Tabs area on the best, examine the box beside “Developer”. Custom Labels Label Printing Sheet LabelsChoose from any amount, supplies, shapes, sizes and colors.

For example, the normal.dotx font is Calibri, paragraphs are left aligned, spacing is 1.15, and so on. You can change these settings manually throughout your doc without saving them to the normal stylesheet, and earlier than you save the document as a template. The template contains a particular format, style, design and, typically, fields and text which may be widespread to each use of that template. Some templates are so full , you only have to change the individual’s name, cellphone quantity, and e-mail handle. Others, corresponding to business reports or brochures, may require that every little thing is modified except the layout and design. This Microsoft Office Word resume template is type of different from the others featured right here.

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In Microsoft Office 2007, click the Microsoft Office button and select New. Want to preview your paperback earlier than making it available to customers? Can prospects easily read the text in your manuscript? Text ought to be at least 7-point font, not minimize off, or overlapped by other components. Also, ensure the text would not blend into the background. This might occur if the textual content and background colors are too related.

Enquiry Form Template Word

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Fully trackable commenting, annotation, markup, and version control allow seamless evaluate and collaboration. LibreOffice is Free and Open Source Software. Development is open to new talent and new concepts, and our software program is examined and used every day by a large and devoted person community. If the premises was constructed previous to 1978, in accordance with federal legislation, the lead-based paint disclosure kind have to be connected to the lease. Although not required, it’s extremely really helpful that the tenant’s tackle can additionally be entered for notices . It is required in nearly each State that the landlord’s tackle is offered for official notices.

It consists of an introductory section that serves because the paper’s preface, and the numbered section outlining all areas of the principle document. It’s introduced in a normal define format that works well for a really lengthy paper. Each vital part is in daring, and every subsection is numbered under these headers. If these templates don’t align together with your wants, you presumably can create a Word template from scratch. You can obtain this template in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, and PDF. It’s free to obtain, however you will want to offer your e-mail handle first.

Below is an overview of the six available template groups along with visual references of their design types. You can obtain these files individually or as a complete assortment. Any gadgets you selected that had been discovered in the document are marked with a purple exclamation level.

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