Fairless Hills in Falls Township isn’t a big place, but there are quite a few restaurant choices. Are you traveling around, or did you just move to the CDP in Bucks County? To get the best impression of Fairless Hills, here are three restaurants that you might want to stop by. You’re going to find good eats no matter which one you choose.

One thing you’re going to find in Fairless Hills is pizza. I noticed there are some choices, but Amato’s Pizza appears to be the best. You’re going to find this pizza place on Trenton Road. For the most part, people report that you can get your pizza rather quickly, with the exception of Friday night. Just keep that in mind as you decide where you are going to eat. If it’s Friday, expect to wait a little longer.

While you’ve been told about a great place to order up pizza, allow me to tell you about one more. This next dining establishment isn’t just about pizza though. It’s about Italian food in general. The restaurant is Arosso, and it is found on Lincoln Highway. Just in case you’re wanting to stay in and not be out and about, the reviews say that this place offers fast delivery.

Cosmos Restaurant & Bar is a top ranked dining establishment on Trenton Road in Fairless Hills. People report that the restaurant has been around for many years. It is family-owned, and while the menu is diverse, it is also known for Italian food and pizza. Can you believe that? You have yet another place to order up some of the best pizza and Italian cuisine in town.

And I’m telling you it doesn’t stop there. I’ve given you the names of three of the top restaurants in Fairless Hills PA, but how about some bonus picks? In fact, I’m going to point you to more Italian food and pizza. V&S Pizzeria is one spot, and Romano’s Macaroni Grill is another. Then you have De Lorenzo’s Pizza.

If you’re looking for something a little different, well, Cancun Mexican Restaurant is #1. Yet you can tell that Fairless Hills PA is definitely known for its Italian restaurants. Maybe it’s time to order up some pizza. If I were visiting Fairless Hills, I would at least have to see what all the hype is about in terms of Italian cuisine. Then I might try that Mexican restaurant, too.